Marius Liutkevičius is a passionate Content Producer and Art Director who was recently shortlisted for the leading  photography competition in the industry – The World Architectural Photography Awards. With over 6 years of professional photography  experience he creates content for a wide variety of brands, leading photographic and video production projects and providing creative visual solutions.  He continues to work on a wide range of commercial projects and specializes in advertising, architectural, lifestyle and product photography.

The content of Marius’ personal work has a strong emphasis on self-awareness and storytelling, it often reflects on the outcomes of emotionally impacted human decisions, explores artificial situations and presents exquisite artistry to the viewer.

His professional areas of expertise include: developing and executing creative concepts for promotional and advertising campaigns, researching and implementing innovative visual styles and techniques, coordinating the visual workflow of a content team, ensuring all photography, video production and CGI projects are of the highest standard as well as meet the consistency and visual identity guidelines.